Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Even in Kenya, an iPod Nano comes in handy...

Today, many of the athletes on Team USA did their last hard workout before Saturday’s IAAF World Cross Country Championships here in Mombasa, Kenya. Only problem is that we don’t have access to a track to run intervals, and the trails at Bamburi Park across the street from our hotel aren’t marked for distances.

So what are we supposed to do when athletes want to run 400s or 600s and we don’t have a measuring wheel?

As the media guy here in Mombasa, I got sucked into running a measured distance using my iPod Nano and the Nike+ system on a dirt road in the park. I was told to run 400 meters, then stop and draw a line on the road, then run another 200 meters, stop and draw a line to signify 600 meters.

Sometimes, you gotta take one for the team, even if you’re gasping at 9 am under 90 degree heat and humidity!

More fun and hi-jinks tomorrow from Mombasa!

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