Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Agents won't represent banned athletes...

Saw this release from the web site of the Association of Athletics Managers, a group of agents that represent a great number of world class track and field athletes, stating that they won't represent banned athletes:

MIAMI BEACH (Nov. 9, 2007) –An agreement has been reached by the Association of Athletics Managers (AAM) that its members will not represent any athlete who tests positive and is convicted of a doping violation for which he or she serves a two-year ban or longer. It is believed to be one of the first such agreements in any sport.

The association, whose 29 members represent virtually all of the top track-and-field athletes in the world, reached the decision at its annual meeting in Miami Beach, which ended Thursday.

Also attending the AAM-hosted industry summit were seven members of the Euromeetings group, the members of which conduct track-and-field meets on the European circuit; the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF); and representatives of the major shoe companies.

Among other issues discussed were ways to streamline meet payments to athletes and to improve conditions for athletes on both the World Athletics Tour and at major championships.

The full text can be read here...

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