Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Adam Goucher needs his phone!

Adam Goucher lost his Nike jacket along with his cell phone sometime before the Nike Team Nationals cross country race on Saturday December 1st in Portland, Oregon.

Kara Goucher appears quite upset at the loss of his phone.

Here's the link to the video...


Anonymous said...

I know how took your phone. It was an accident, and they're in the process of trying to send it back. Comment back if you have any questions

Anonymous said...

I should also mention... I know everyone can read this, so please...if ADAM could just get ahold of me, that'd be great. YOU WILL GET YOUR PHONE BACK!!! I want to make that clear.

**Oh, and no reward or thanks or anything is needed for this. Just get ahold of me so we can get this over with.

Anonymous said...

Well, since I haven't heard from ANYONE, I'm just going to have to trust that someone let's Mr. Goucher know that his Blackberry is in the process of being sent back to him.

However, the person sending it doesn't know who to send it to, so he's prepared to send it to Nike HQ and hope it gets to Mr. Goucher unless someone e-mails me at

If I don't get an e-mail from (preferrably Mr. Goucher himself so I can verify it gets to the right person) the phone will be sent there.

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