Monday, March 24, 2008

Finally here in Athens...

I finally made it here to Athens, after sitting at Heathrow Airport in London for eight-plus hours and enduring a 90-minute flight delay on the part of British Airways!

Got in at about 3 am...thought about making the trip to Olympia to witness the lighting of the Olympic flame as it makes the worldwide journey to Beijing. It would've been a stretch to try it, as the ceremony began at 11 am, and that Olympia is about 3-plus hours away from Athens by car.

Here's what I missed--the story on today's lighting of the Olympic flame is here...

After waking up at 11:30 am (that's how dead I was), I walked down to Syntagma square just to get some circulation in the legs, before walking to the Hard Rock Cafe for a late lunch.

Went running by Panathinaiko Stadium with my camera and Nike+ ready iPod. Had to get this photo of one of my favorite places in the world.

Tuesday's Greek Independence Day, a national holiday. It will be interesting to compare and contrast Greek Independence Day to the Fourth of July (or even Cinco de Mayo, or Canada Day!).

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