Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Holy guacomole, Batman! Brad Walker jumps 6 meters again!

In yet another one of these low-key meets that I just happened to miss, Brad Walker jumped 19-8 1/4 (6.00m) to defeat 2004 Olympic gold and silver medalists Tim Mack (18-8 1/4) and Toby Stevenson (17-8 1/2) on June 22nd at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, in what appears to be a glorified practice session packaged as a competition.

This jump marked the third time in his career that Walker's cleared 6 meters or higher; he first cleared 6.00 in July 2006 in Jockgrim, Germany. Walker set the American record of 19-9 3/4 (6.04m) two weeks earlier at the Nike Prefontaine Classic in Eugene.

According to a witness posting on polevaultpower.com, "He opened up at 5.80 and made it on his second attempt then raised it to 6.00 and smoked it on his first attempt and called it a day."

Looks to me like Brad's gonna be dangerous this weekend at the Olympic Trials!

Photos of Brad's jump at the Olympic Training Center can be seen here...

NOTE: Special thanks to polevaultpower.com for the info!

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