Sunday, August 10, 2008

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Quiet day on the track & field front...however, the most significant news out of Beijing is the status of Tyson Gay, who did a workout at Beijing Normal University on Saturday afternoon, with a few reporters in attendance.

"I feel confident about today," Gay told the half-dozen U.S. media members who watched the practice. "I've been looking for an indicator to let me know where I'm going to be at, and I think today let me know."

In the first interview he has given since the day after collapsing to the track in Eugene during the 200, he revealed further examination in Germany showed the injury was more serious than a mild hamstring strain, as originally thought.

He also admitted to doubts about his ability to be ready for the Olympics.

"I had a real specific MRI, and (doctors) even said I had a slight strain in my tendon. So it was a little worse than what the U.S. doctors had seen," Gay said.

You can read Phil Hersh's story here...

Speaking of Tyson Gay, don't forget to visit our little fun poll on who you think will win the men's 100 meter dash...the poll's on the right hand side of the blog--check it out!

Phil also has another story on pole vaulter Jeff Hartwig, who originally planned to arrive in Beijing on Friday, but was advised against it.

Hartwig, the former American record holder in the pole vault, arrived on Thursday instead, and participated in the Opening Ceremonies.

You can read it here...

One other story Phil's posted is on hurdler Terrence Trammell, an Atlanta native, who occasionally wears a mask in training in his home town.

Trammell brought that mask, thinking it would alleviate the problems as it does in Atlanta, but was quickly disabused of that notion after trying it.

"It didn't do much,'' he said. "It was like a painter's mask from Ace Hardware. When I went to the (USOC) medical unit here the second day and (showed them the mask), they said, `No, no, that's for spray painting.' So I said, `Well give me one that's for running. I'm good now.' ''

Trammell said he felt no problems the day he arrived but had some the next.

"The air quality is on and off,'' he said. "I've had a day where it wasn't a problem at all, and then I've had another day where if I didn't have a mask, I wouldn't really be able to breathe.''

You can read the rest of his post here...

Finally, here's a story that's in the International Herald Tribune on the IOC's decision to bar Greek sprinter Ekaterina Thanou from participating. If you recall, Thanou and Konstadinos Kederis faked a motorcycle crash in Athens four years ago to dodge a drug test days before the Opening Ceremonies.

You can read it here, along with the official press release from the International Olympic Committee.

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