Monday, August 4, 2008

Team USA 1500-meter runners living the dream...

AP writer Eddie Pells has a feature on Bernard Lagat, Leo Manzano, and Lopez Lomong and their journey to the Olympics.

"Manzano (Mexico), Lopez Lomong (Sudan) and Bernard Lagat (Kenya) were all born in places where poverty and fear grabbed hold of so many lives and often controlled them. They now find themselves representing their adopted country, on the verge of living an Olympic version of the American dream.

On Aug. 15, they begin the quest to give back to the United States in the form of Olympic medals. Their race is the 1,500 meters - but their journeys have been about so much more than four laps around the track."

You can read it here...

While at it, you can also read a story on Lagat with the same theme here, courtesy of the IAAF.

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