Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday morning Olympic links...

In the international calendar, there's a bit of a dead period between the end of July and the start of the Olympic track & field competition, in order for athletes to report to their country's pre-Olympic camp, and/or to Beijing itself.

Here are some links of interest in scouring various web sites this morning:

*Tuscon Citizen article on James Li and his role as Bernard Lagat's personal coach, team manager of the US team in Beijing, and oh, by the way, coming home to China;

*Several articles from the New York Times on sprinter Gary Kikaya from the Congo; the US Olympic team's training facility at Beijing Normal University; the call room at the Olympic swimming pool and the mind games that happen inside the call room; and one on the debut of the Marshall Islands Olympic team in Beijing, which includes Haley Nemra from Marysville-Pilchuck High School;

*A USA Today report from Dalian, where USA Track & Field is holding its training camp;

*From the Los Angeles Times, a blog from Phil Hersh, one of the country's most respected Olympic writers, on Usain Bolt;

*Finally, a brief chat with marathoner Brian Sell, courtesy of Runner's World. As many of you know, Sell is sponsored by Bothell-based Brooks Sports.

Don't forget to check the links on the right hand side of the blog for more Olympic-related stories as we get closer to August 15th (August 14th here in the USA), and the start of the Olympic track & field competition.

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