Thursday, December 17, 2009

One more link...

Here's a link to a blog post by British track & field writer Pat Butcher on the REAL star of the IAAF World Track & Field Championships, Berlino the Bear (left, with the author).

Butcher writes on his web site,, "On the first night of his eight-day solo engagement in the Olympiastadion, Berlino was interrupted by a young man masquerading as a sprinter, and trying to steal the ursine star’s limelight. Never one to rebuff a young hopeful, the bear played along.

In an exclusive interview with Globerunner, Herr Berlino told us, ‘At first I thought it was Carl Lewis, ‘cause he’ll do anything he can to get his picture in the paper nowadays. But I quickly realised that this guy had hair and straight teeth’.

Berlino refuted counter-claims that he was on his way across the track, with the objective of trying to maim another young Jamaican female hurdler. “That’s nonsense,” said the bear. “In any case, she wasn’t a hurdler, she was a Walker.

Referring to the interloper, Berlino said affably, “Someone said the kid’s name was Usain Bolt. I looked him up later, and found that Bolt won the world junior 200 metres back in 2002, then disappeared. I knew it was a hoax, because someone said this kid had run 9.58sec and 19.19sec, and it’s clear that that’s impossible. That nice Michael Johnson told me no one was going to break his 200 metres record for 25 years, and I believe him”.

You can read the full post here...

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