Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kendra Schaaf leaving Washington? Not so fast, my friend!

As ESPN's Lee Corso would say on College GameDay, "Not so fast!"

In response to the blog's post a few days ago, in which Kendra Schaaf's Queen City Striders TC coach Steve Gersten stated that the Washington sophomore would leave the Montlake campus, Washington coach Greg Metcalf told the UW Daily student newspaper that she isn't going anywhere (note italics belong to The Daily)

"Despite a report on a blog published by longtime track writer Paul Merca that UW star cross-country runner Kendra Schaaf will transfer from the school, head coach Greg Metcalf said yesterday that Schaaf plans to stay put.

“I’ve sat down with Kendra, and as of right now, she’s staying,” Metcalf said. “We’ve had conversations, and she’s talked about wanting to leave, but that’s it.”

That conflicts with the report from Merca’s blog, which cites Schaaf’s Canadian club coach, Steve Gersten, as telling the site that Schaaf is indeed leaving UW.

Merca reports that Schaaf, a sophomore, had been rumored to be transferring after competing in just two indoor events and no outdoor events for the Huskies this year. She finished second in the 2009 National Championships.

But as far as Metcalf is concerned, she’s still a Husky.

“I don’t really know why she would want to leave, and as of now, she’s staying,” Metcalf said."

Schaaf is currently still on the roster of the University of Washington.

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