Thursday, May 6, 2010

Learning from the best and going to Brazil...

Today's hot link of the day comes from 2008 US Olympian Kara Patterson, who writes in her blog, "Javelin Journal" about training in San Diego with a group of Finnish and Norwegian javelin throwers, including current world and Olympic champion Andreas Thorkildsen.

She also announced that she will compete in two meets in Brazil towards the end of May: Uberlandia on May 26th and Maringa on May 30th, while talking about the process of going to Brazil, which includes getting the necessary visa paperwork to enter the country.

"Basically, this summer will be about getting as much international competition in as I can! I want to learn to be tough and always ready to release a big throw. This probably won't get accomplished in just one season, but I tend to expect a lot from myself. Being surrounded by people that encourage and challenge me to improve is never a bad thing!", says the Skyview HS/Vancouver graduate, and two-time USA national champion.

To read her latest entry, please click here...

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