Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just for kicks and giggles (part 2)...

In part one of our little fun exercise combining the results of the Pac-10 track & field championships with the results of the six schools (Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Colorado, Oklahoma & Oklahoma State) from the Big 12 Conference that the Pac-10 is courting to form a super conference, the Oregon men's team dominated the Pac-16 championships.

We now turn our attention to the women's team competition in the Pac-16 championship meet, and to absolutely no one's surprise, the Oregon Ducks, led by do-it-all specialist Brianne Theisen (left/photo by Paul Merca) win this meet as well, outscoring runner-up Texas A&M 157-104 (heptathlon not scored due to difference in time schedule; the Pac-10 contested the multi events the week before, while the first day of the Big 12 multi-event competition was the day before the full meet got underway).

Oklahoma finishes third with 62, followed by Arizona at 61, Texas Tech 54, Texas 50, USC 47, Stanford 45, UCLA 44, Arizona State 31, and California 30.

Rounding out the field are Washington at 25, Washington State 24, Colorado 19, and Oklahoma State with 1, while Oregon State gets shut out.

In this little fantasy track & field championship meet, the Ducks score in every running event except the 400 hurdles and the 4 x 400 relay.

If you add the heptathlon, Oregon's margin goes up to 170-112 over A&M. UCLA jumps to 6th with 52, while Arizona State remains in tenth with 40 points.

Washington State earns a point, and tie Washington for twelfth at 25 points.

Attached as a .pdf file are the results of the Pac-10 championships, combined with the results of the six schools competing in the Big 12 championship meet:

Women P10_B12 Champs

We hope that this little fun drill will provoke discussion on what the ramifications of adding those six schools to the Pac-10 Conference will be in track & field.

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