Sunday, March 11, 2012 thanks RaceSplitter...

RaceSplitter thanks RaceSplitter for sponsoring The Relay Network (, TrackFocus, Writing About Run, Track Superfan, and the House of Run podcast) this week to promote their excellent and powerful race timing application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

RaceSplitter is the solution for “do it yourself” race & split timing — providing coaches with real-time splits & standings during the race, and organizers with an affordable alternative to chip-timing.

If you're a high school coach looking for help putting on a dual or triangular cross country race, you can do what organizers of trail running, mountain biking, ultras and even 10k events are using RaceSlitter to plan and time their events, and publish results afterwards (And for $25, RaceSplitter makes a great backup timer for events using chip systems).

In the past, nordic ski and cross-country coaches wanting to give their athletes split times and standings were left to fumble with stopwatch and paper. RaceSplitter changes the game — providing the right data, right when you need it!

Courtesy RaceSplitter is a video introducing their timing system:


For more information on RaceSplitter, please click this link.

RaceSplitter is available for $24.95. To download RaceSplitter, please visit the App Store.

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