Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two Seattle based companies making their presence known at the Olympic Trials...

EUGENE--While the area surrounding Hayward Field are plastered with the omnipresent Nike swoosh, two Seattle area companies are making their presence known at the US Olympic Track & Field Trials.

Seattle based Oiselle is making their first foray into American track & field's biggest stage by sponsoring a small cadre of distance runners, with Washington State University grad Collier Lawrence (left/photo by Paul Merca) in the steeplechase the name most known to Northwest distance fans.

On the other hand, Bothell-based Brooks Sports has rented out a fraternity house across the street from Hayward Field and plastered it with their logo.

The house, located on East 18th, across the street from the athletes' entrance to Hayward Field has been one of the places to go in the morning, as that's been the starting point for daily runs of varying distances, ending with giveaways. Media partner Flotrack is also webcasting their show from the Brooks house.

The Brooks folks have placed marathoner Desi Davila on the Olympic team, and just a few days ago, Amy Hastings (above/photo by Paul Merca) won the women's 10000. They are also backing Seattle based Club Northwest, who has several athletes competing at the Trials.

For more information on Oiselle at the Olympic Trials, please click here.

Information on Brooks at the Trials is available here.

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