Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blog posts from Jeremy Taiwo, Phoebe Wright & Nick Symmonds highlight Tuesday night reads...

Here are some links to blogs from Washington based/affiliated athletes to get you through before the official start of the indoor track & field season in the state on January 18th:

Decathlete Jeremy Taiwo (above/photo by Paul Merca), who now resides at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista,  talks about his goals for the 2014 season, and reflects on his return to the Seattle area for the holidays, which included attending a Seattle Seahawks game.

In his blog, he observed that he was blundering through the last remaining months of his time at the University of Washington, and that his efforts last year were focused on making the world championship team, and not on the next step.

Middle distance runner Phoebe Wright, who is a non-Brooks sponsored member of the Seattle based Beasts TC, writes about holiday troubles with solutions, including procrastinating on workouts, distractions, alcohol, food, and not having a training partner or coach to be accountable to.

Finally, in a blog post on the Runner's World web site, the newest member of the Brooks Beasts TC, two-time Olympian Nick Symmonds, who was ranked #2 in the world and #1 in the US by Track & Field News, Nick writes on why he chose to leave Nike and the Oregon TC Elite group in Eugene, and make the move to Seattle to run for Brooks.

"As an independent contractor trying to run a business, I felt this choice was a no-brainer. In the past few years I have been very vocal about athletes' rights, and Brooks' support of professional runners for the health of competitive running is squarely in line with what I have been advocating."

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