Thursday, August 13, 2015

Nike Global Athletics head John Capriotti threatened to kill Brooks Beasts coach Danny Mackey, according to police report...

If you think the sport of professional track and field in this country is getting crazy with the recent Nick Symmonds vs. USA Track & Field spat, think again.

According to a University of Oregon police report obtained by (link here), Nike global director of athletics (track & field) John Capriotti threatened to kill head coach Danny Mackey (left/photo by Paul Merca) of the Seattle-based Brooks Beasts during a confrontation at the USA Outdoor Track & Field championships in Eugene on the meet’s first day (June 25th).

In the report, which posted, Mackey was talking with Dorian Ulrey in the medical tent behind Hayward Field, after heat 3 of the men’s 1500, in which Ulrey finished seventh in 3:46.24, when Capriotti approached him in an heated manner.

Among the witnessed named on the police report are Stanford coach Chris Mittenburgh, Nike runner Will Leer, Nike sports marketing manager Llewellyn Starks, agents Dan Lilot & Peter Stubbs, and World Athletics Center coaches Dan Pfaff and Kyle Hierholzer.

What set Capriotti to go off on Mackey is unknown, but Mackey says in the police report that Capriotti made statements during the argument about Mackey’s alleged involvement in the fallout from the doping allegations involving the Nike Oregon Project (Mackey worked for Nike in their sports research lab for three years).  

No criminal charges were filed.

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