Sunday, February 14, 2016

A postscript on the marathon trials from Jake Riley...

Bellingham native Jake Riley (left/photo by Mike Scott) finished 15th at Saturday's US Olympic Team Trials-Marathon in Los Angeles,

The Sehome High School graduate admitted he had a bit of a rough day, knowing that the heat of Los Angeles was going to factor into the results.

The 2006 Washington state 2A cross country champ was kind enough to send his thoughts on his race a day afterwards.

“Like everyone else going in we knew the heat was going to throw off the pacing plan we had. Bobby Curtis and I had been training to run 4:58s together, but after talking with coach (Keith & Kevin Hanson of the Hanson's/Brooks Distance Project in Rochester, Michigan, where he currently lives), we decided to slow that down to 5:05s. I did pretty good with it too, I felt under control and pretty strong through 20 or so, just off the back of the lead pack.”

“I was definitely feeling tired but you also expect that at that point in the race. The original plan was to really try and reel people in the last 6 miles, but around mile 21 the wheels just completely fell off and it just became a matter of getting to the finish line by any means. It's not like I was alone either, as slow as I must have been running I was still only passed by 2 people on that last lap."

The Stanford grad concluded, “It was just a tough day. I'm definitely disappointed with my finish, going in I thought I had really good shot at top ten, maybe even top five or the team if some things went my way and some other people had it rough. Sometimes leave your control though so I can't be too mad because I don't like I could have done much different to change the outcome. Now I'm going to take 2 weeks off, then start getting ready for the track trials.”

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