Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Final list of Washington-affiliated athletes qualified for US Olympic Track & Field Trials...

Below is the final list of Washington affiliated athletes who have qualified and entered the 2016 US Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon starting July 1-10, 2016.

Washington affiliated athletes are those who attended high school, college or graduate school in the state of Washington, while professionals are those currently training in the state.

All qualifiers achieved their marks after May 1, 2015. Athletes have until June 26th to qualify for the US Olympic Track & Field Trials.  

This list does not include the walks.  Former Issaquah prep Katie Burnett is entered in the women's 20K race walk, which will be contested on June 30th in Salem. Burnett is seeded fourth with a time of 1:37:51.

All athletes indicated in red are those who were added to the field by USA Track & Field to fill the field to the minimum based on the number of athletes needed to run the proper rounds, based on the descending order list kept by USATF.

The athletes added by USATF Monday to the Olympic Trials field include: Washington State’s CJ Allen (left/photo by Paul Merca), Tacoma native Dakarai Hightower, Washington State’s Thane Pierson, University of Washington alum Norris Frederick,  recent University of Washington grad Carson Fuller, and University/Spokane grad Noah Martin, who will attend Montana State this fall.

The top three in each event, assuming all three have the Olympic qualifying standard, will comprise the team in that event at the Olympics in Rio in August. In events where there are three or less athletes with the standard, USATF historically has taken those holding the standards over an athlete that finished in the top three but didn’t have a standard. In certain events, the IAAF may invite an athlete based on the current world list to fill the field.

For complete details on the US Olympic Track & Field Trials qualifying procedures, please visit usatf.org.

For those of you reading this on a mobile device, we are aware of an issue with Scribd cutting off parts of the document, which is 4 pages long.  We apologize in advance; however, there are no issues reading from a computer. 

One significant addition to this list since the last publication on June 19th are known withdrawals from an event at the Trials due to injury, concentrating on a single event (if qualified in more than one event), etc. For example, Andrea Geubelle has withdrawn from the long jump to concentrate on the triple jump, so she has a line drawn through her name on the form. 

There are also some athletes who are keeping their options open to compete in another event that they’ve qualified in until the final declaration deadline, which is 11:59 PM, Pacific time, two days prior to the first round of that event.

To check the latest status of an athlete, click here.

paulmerca.blogspot.com will publish a time schedule of when Washington affiliated athletes will compete at the Trials.

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