Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Take Flight" by James Cameron chronicles Husky track & field team at Stanford...

One of the most impressive performances of last weekend's Stanford Invitational was by a young man who did not run a step in any of the races, but was as much a part of the meet as all of the athletes running, jumping, and throwing at Cobb Track & Angell Field.

James Cameron (above/photo by Paul Merca), who is one of five men in University of Washington history to have broken four minutes in the mile, and is an aspiring filmmaker, documented the team's competition last weekend in this video, called "Take Flight".

What I found most impressive about this is the fact that this was put together with the use of a GoPro camera, which according to the company's web site, is one of the world's most versatile cameras.

Some of Cameron's shots were done remotely, particularly of the Husky steeplechasers and javelin throwers.  Cameron set up his GoPro next to the water pit or on the runway, and controlled the camera on his iPhone.

Here is part one of "Take Flight"…enjoy!

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