Monday, September 24, 2007

Great article on on the "Black Cactus"...

If you've been around the American distance running scene, you can't help but walk away with a smile whenever you are around Abdi Abdirahman.

In contrast to the quiet, introverted, almost too-serious demeanor that most elite distance runners present themselves as, he's a refreshing face in American distance running.

Abdi's (left, /photo by Paul Merca) a serious contender for one of the three spots on the US Olympic marathon team. The Olympic marathon trials are November 3rd in New York.

For a great interview with Abdi, aka "Black Cactus" at (I'm now a contributor to flocasts, so I've gotta promote it), check it out here...

BTW, if you go through Flocasts hard enough, you'll find a video interview with Abdi before the men's 1500 finals in Osaka (he's an occasional training partner of Bernard Lagat), and a clip of him running the American flag down to Bernard after his victory in the 1500!

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