Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where to find great Italian food in Osaka?

All you folks who wondered if or when I would write about what I did outside the track are in for a treat: This is the first of a series of blogs on my off-the-track activities in Osaka...

Now all of you in cyberland must think that it must be a task just to find half-decent authentic Italian food in Osaka, Japan...well, I found the best Italian food!

It's at the Dojima Hotel, where the Italian national team was staying!

At every world championships, the Italian team throws a lavish lunch and dinner for members of the media at Casa Italia. Thanks to a series of sponsors, they fly in their own chefs to take care of their team, and oh by the way, anybody and everybody with a credential (or at least it seemed that way).

On the last day of the championships, I blew off a run after working the women's marathon to attend a lunch at Casa Italia, where the pasta, vino, and salmon was flowing!

On the stage, they introduced the women who ran the marathon for Team Italia earlier in the day, and showed members of the Italian and international press a rah-rah video of athletes competing, complete with the requisite sponsor plugs.

All in all, a great lunch was had by all! Milli grazie!

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Database Diva said...

Football and Italian food? You really soaked up the local culture ;) OK, sleeping on a mat in a traditional hotel is soaking up a bit of local culture!

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