Saturday, December 3, 2011

Progress and chaos at USATF Athletes Advisory Committee meeting in St. Louis...

ST. LOUIS--Friday's meeting between the USA Track & Field Athletes Advisory Committee, USATF executives and shoe company reps about the organization's restrictive uniform guidelines started off well, with Bob Hersh, who is on the IAAF Council, telling the athletes that they can have a second corporate logo on their jerseys for the 2012 season, which doesn't necessarily have to be that of a shoe/apparel company.

The chaos at the meeting started when some of the speakers from the shoe companies got wind that someone in the room was streaming the meeting online via ustream, with the video embedded by Flotrack.

According to a post on, "Nike's John Capriotti, who was one of the people from Nike at the meeting. got word it was being streamed live on the internet without his knowledge. He got upset, walked out, the meeting was stopped, and everyone not on the AAC was kicked out of the meeting. That is when the athletes posted like crazy on twitter and people following the convention on twitter went nuts, although apparently not that many people (42 according to this tweet, not sure if that is a joke or not) were actually watching the live stream."

USA Track & Field will not enforce the uniform rules at next week's USATF Club Cross Country Championships at Seattle's Jefferson Park Golf Course, a move hailed by many of the clubs that plan to bring teams and individuals.

A recap of Friday's happenings in St. Louis can be read here, and here.

A good video with shot putter Adam Nelson, with some background of what the issues are facing the athletes in St. Louis, is available here.

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