Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oiselle does it again--Kara Goucher joins the flock...

In a blog post by founder and CEO Sally Bergesen on their corporate web site, Seattle based women's running apparel company Oiselle announced that they have signed Kara Goucher (above/photo courtesy Oiselle), the two-time US Olympian and 2007 world championships bronze medalist at 10000 meters.

Goucher's deal with Nike expired at the end of the 2013 season, and with her move to Boulder from Portland to reunite with college coaches Mark Wetmore and Heather Burroughs, and the fact that she would not be coached by a Nike-funded coach gave her the power to explore other options.

While she listened to other offers from traditional shoe companies, she asked husband Adam to reach out to Bergesen and the Oiselle group, knowing that what they would offer would be less than what the shoe companies would offer.

"I am so grateful to be joining Oiselle," said Goucher in a press release. "The last few months have been an incredible journey for me. I was able to truly ask myself what I believe and search to partner with a company who shares those beliefs. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found a company who is empowering women to be stronger. Oiselle supports women runners from beginners to Olympians, and celebrates the journey we all take together. Meeting Sally was extremely inspiring to me. She made me want to be a better version of myself and align with people who share the same vision. I honestly feel like I have found a home in Oiselle, and look forward to helping other women find their wings."

According to, Nike had a right of first refusal, and had to release Goucher before signing with Oiselle.  Goucher was released by Nike on Wednesday.

In the same post, Goucher is still looking for a shoe deal, along with an eyewear and timing company sponsorship.

Bottom line?  As Goucher said in her blog, "In the end, the choice was really quite easy.  I belong with Oiselle. My heart knew it all along and I am so glad that it was speaking loud enough to finally reach my head. With Oiselle I can’t wait to improve the sport, reach my own performance goals, and help women around the world take flight. I have found my home.

You can read Goucher's account of joining Oiselle here.

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