Thursday, August 4, 2016

If you're wondering--the final touches are being applied to the Olympic Preview viewer's guide!

Jordin Andrade (Paul Merca photo)
With the Opening Ceremonies of the Rio Olympics less than 24 hours away, we are putting up the final touches to the Olympic Preview featuring the ten athletes with Washington ties competing in the track and field portion of the Olympics in Rio.

Our preview will be similar to the ones produced for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the 2012 Olympics in London and the IAAF World Track & Field Championships—it will be in a .pdf file that you can download and have by your side while watching on TV or on various internet platforms, including desktop & mobile devices.

The time schedule of athletes with Washington ties are listed below:


August 12: No athletes competing

August 13: 5:40 am/9:40 am Women’s Triple Jump Qualifying (Andrea Geubelle)

August 14: 4:55 pm/8:55 pm Women’s Triple Jump Finals (Andrea Geubelle)

August 15: 7:30 am/11:30 am Men’s 400 Hurdles Heats (Jordin Andrade)

4:40 pm/8:40 pm Men’s 110 Hurdles Heats (Devon Allen)

August 16: 5:45 am/9:45 am Women’s Pole Vault Qualifying (Diamara Planell Cruz)

4:35 pm/8:45 pm Women’s Javelin Qualifying (Kara Winger)

4:40 pm/8:40 pm Men’s 110 Hurdles Semis (Devon Allen)

5:35 pm/9:35 pm Men’s 400 Hurdles Semis (Jordin Andrade)

6:45 pm/10:45 pm Men’s 110 Hurdles Final (Devon Allen)

August 17: 5:30 am/9:30 am Start/Day 1 Decathlon (Jeremy Taiwo)

6:05 am/10:05 am Men’s 5000 Heats (Bernard Lagat, Hassan Mead)

6:55 am/10:55 am Women’s 800 First Round (Justine Fedronic)

August 18: 5:30 am/9:30 am Start/Day 2 Decathlon (Jeremy Taiwo)

8:00 am/Noon Men’s 400 Hurdles Finals (Jordin Andrade)

5:10 pm/9:10 pm Women’s Javelin Finals (Kara Winger)

5:15 pm/9:15 pm Women’s 800 Semis (Justine Fedronic)

August 19: 4:30 pm/8:30 pm Women’s Pole Vault Final (Diamara Planell Cruz)

August 20: 5:30 pm/9:30 pm Men’s 5000 Final (Bernard Lagat, Hassan Mead)

August 21: No athletes competing

Both Seattle and Rio times are listed.  Track & field competition will be aired on the networks of NBC (NBC, NBCSN, USA, and online at & on mobile devices using the NBC Sports app) in the United States. 

All start times subject to change. Please check the official web site at for updated times.

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