Friday, August 11, 2017

Howard Lao's photo of the day--August 10th...

LONDON—Throughout the IAAF World Track & Field Championships, we will post photos shot by former University of Washington hurdler Howard Lao, who is assisting us here.

Here is his photo of the day from last night’s competition:

Sitting close to the track is a bitter sweet thing. On one hand you get to witness everything up close and in front (like seeing Shannon Rowbury getting spiked in the women’s 5000 heats), however you are bound to the same spot for hours (whole night) as everyone is packed into the area & backgrounds aren't as clean. 

I knew I had to try at least one session in that area, I did - I didn't love it. Moving on.

To see more of Howard's work here at the world championships, don't forget to follow him on Instagram at @howlaophotography.

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