Thursday, August 23, 2007

Domo arigato, Mister Roboto...

Well, I finally made it here to Osaka, after the long journey that started in Seattle, with stops in Los Angeles (where the helicopters have cameras, according to the great American philosopher Snoop Doggy Dogg), and Hong Kong!

Landed around 2:30pm, then went through customs and immigration. The bad part was taking the IAAF media bus to Nagai Stadium for accreditation...that took forever, not to mention having to haul luggage around. Let's just say it sucked!

Went to dinner tonight with Randy Miyazaki of, Cheryl Treworgy of, and Brian Russell from NBC Sports at Outback Steakhouse. Tonight's celebrity sightings included Olympic marathon bronze medalist Deena Kastor at the Asics hospitality suite; 800m runner Diane Cummins from Victoria & 10k runner Katie McGregor from Minneapolis; and Team USA coach Juli Henner.

As we come up on 11 pm, I am fried...I'm going to bed in my traditional Japanese room.

Good night!

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Database Diva said...

Nice strong finish on that Osaka run! I guess sleeping on a mat agrees with you!

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