Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here I am in Hong Kong!

Just got into the Hong Kong airport about an hour ago, and I'm taking advantage of the service here at the Cathay Pacific business lounge.

Tested my Skype service, and it's all good! As you can see, I am wearing my Skype headset in order to talk thru my laptop. I look like a geek, but, at 2 ceents a minute, I'll take it. The real test will be in Osaka!

See you in Osaka in a few hours!


Database Diva said...

Hey Paul -- glad to see you made it this far. By now you should be in Osaka, sleeping no doubt! Have a great run when you wake up, because you are going to be busy after that!

Mercanator said...

Coming up on 6 am, and I am contemplating running in a little bit. I may wait a few hours, as I'm still slightly fried.

It was cool to see Deena last night at the Asics hospitality hotel...she is sooo nice!

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