Monday, January 5, 2009

A Kara Goucher interview to start the new year...

According to stats cranked out by Feedjit, it seems one of the most popular hits the mighty blogspot's taken are articles on Portland resident Kara Goucher (left wearing hip 1 at the Prefontaine Classic/photo by Paul Merca).

Courtesy of Runner's World, here's an interview with Kara, who will compete in this April's Boston Marathon.

Last season, Goucher ran 4:06.17 for 1500m, 8:57.53i for 3000m, 14:58.10 for 5000, 30:55.16 for 10000, and made her marathon debut in New York, running 2:25:53, the fastest debut by an American.

In the recently released Track & Field News rankings, she was the number one American at 5000 meters, and number two in the 10000.

To read the interview with Kara, click here...

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