Sunday, June 5, 2016

List #5--Washington affiliated athletes qualified for the US Olympic Trials...

Justine Fedronic (left, with Katie Mackey/photo by Paul Merca)
broke 2 minutes for the first time on June 4th in Atlanta,
running 1:59.86.
Below is a list of Washington affiliated athletes who have achieved qualifying marks for the 2016 US Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon starting July 1-10, 2016.

Washington affiliated athletes are those who attended high school, college or graduate school in the state of Washington, while professionals are those currently training in the state.

This list will be updated monthly, and hopefully more frequently as we get closer to the Trials.  This list does not include the walks.

All qualifiers achieved their marks after May 1, 2015. Athletes have until June 26th to qualify for the US Olympic Track & Field Trials.

Any new additions since the last list was published on May 22nd are indicated in red. Athletes added and/or have improved marks since the last list was published include Jeshua Anderson (400 hurdles), and Justine Fedronic (800 meters).

For complete details on the US Olympic Track & Field Trials qualifying procedures, please visit

For those of you reading this on a mobile device, we are aware of an issue with Scribd cutting off parts of the document, which is 4 pages long.  We apologize in advance; however, there are no issues reading from a computer.

One addition to this list is the addition of foreign athletes with Washington ties achieving the Olympic A standard. Depending on their country’s qualification process, they may be selected by their federation to compete at the Olympics, or may have to compete in qualifying trials selection meets.

As always, corrections, additions, etc., are welcome.

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