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UPDATE #2: List of Washington affiliated athletes with Olympic "A" standard...

James Alaka of the University of Washington got the Olympic A standard in the 200 at the Pac-12 Championships (photo courtesy European Athletics)
After the conclusion of various conference championship meets, and key domestic invitationals, here is the second updated list of athletes with Washington affiliations who have met the Olympic Games "A" standard, which was published on February 29th and April 17th.

The Olympic Games A & B standards can be accessed through this link here.

The qualifying period for the Olympics began May 1, 2011, and ends July 8, 2012. For US athletes, it essentially means they have to get the standard at or before the Olympic Trials in order to go to London.

Here's a link to the qualifying standards for the US Olympic Trials. Note in many cases, the Olympic Games standards are tougher than the standards to gain entry into the Olympic Trials.

Updated marks since April 17th are noted in red, including meet where mark was set.

The next update to this list will be sometime after the NCAA championships and before the US Olympic Trials qualifying period closes on June 17th.

As always, please leave a note in the comments section if there's anyone we missed/overlooked/have an incorrect mark...thanks!


100m (10.18) none (James Alaka, GBR/Univ of Washington close at 10.22, Pac-12 Championships, 5/13/12)

200m (20.55) James Alaka, GBR/Univ of Washington, 20.45, 5/13/12, Pac-12 Championships; Jordan Boase, 20.52, 6/5/11

400m (45.30) Michael Berry, 44.91, 5/14/11 (Jordan Boase, 45.34, 5/31/11 close)

800m (1:45.60) none

1500m (3:35.50) Bernard Lagat, 3:33.11, 7/8/11 (Jordan McNamara, 3:36.48, 5/18/2012 at USATF Oxy High Performance, is close)

Steeplechase (8:23.10) none

5000m (13:20.00) Bernard Lagat, 12:53.60, 7/22/11

10000m (27:45.00) none

110 hurdles (13.52) none

400 hurdles (49.50) Jeshua Anderson, 47.93, 6/26/11

20k walk (1:22:30) none

High Jump (7-7/2.31m) none

Pole Vault (18-9.25/5.72m) Brad Walker, 19-2.75/5.86m, 2/26/12. NOTE--Scott Roth's 18-9.25/5.72m was set 4/16/11, BEFORE the Olympic qualifying period began.

Long Jump (26-11/8.20m) none (Norris Frederick, 26-7/8.10m, 7/1/11 is close)

Triple Jump (56-5.25/17.20m) none

Shot Put (67-3.25/20.50m) none

Discus (213-3; 65.00m) Jarred Rome, 225-7/68.76m, 8/6/11; Märt Israel (EST), 219-9/66.98m, 5/12/11; Ian Waltz, 214-8/65.43m, 6/16/11

Hammer (255-11/78.00m) none

Javelin (269-0/82.00m) none

Decathlon (8200 points) none

20k Walk (1:22:30) none


100 (11.29) none

200 (23.10) none

400 (51.55) none

800 (1:59.90) none

1500 (4:06.00) Ingvill Måkestad (NOR) 4:03.79, 9/16/11 (Katie Mackey, 4:06.57 at USATF Oxy High Performance, 5/18/12 is close)

Steeplechase (9:43.00) none

5000 (15:20.00) Jessica Tebo (left/photo by Paul Merca), 15:19.43, 4/29/12 at Payton Jordan Invitational; (Brie Felnagle, 15:22.39, 4/6/12 is close)

10000 (31:45.00) none

100 hurdles (12.96) Ginnie Crawford, 12.66, 5/5/12, St. Maarten

400 hurdles (55.50) none

High Jump (6-4.75/1.95m) Ebba Jungmark (SWE), 6-4.75/1.95m, 3/9/12

Pole Vault (14-9/4.50m) none

Long Jump (22-1.75/6.75m) none

Triple Jump (46-11/14.30m) none (Blessing Ufodiama, 46-1.5/14.06m, 6/4/11 close)

Shot Put (60-0.5/18.30m) none

Discus (203-5/62.00m) Aretha Thurmond, 209-5/63.85m, 6/30/11

Hammer (234-7/71.50m) none (Britney Henry, 232-1/70.73m, 3/18/12 is close)

Javelin (200-1/61.00m) Kara Patterson, 205-11/62.76m, 5/26/11

Heptathlon (6150 points) none

SOURCE:  IAAF, USA Track & Field, Track & Field News

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