Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Kidder and Fields win high-performance races at CNW all-comers meet...

SHORELINE—In what was supposed to be an attempt by UCLA alum Daniel Herrera of Mexico to reach the 3:36.00 qualifying time needed to compete in the world championships in two weeks fell flat, as Brannon Kidder (left/photo by Paul Merca) of the Brooks Beasts won the high performance 1500 meter run Wednesday night at the Club Northwest all-comers meet at Shoreline Stadium.

Herrera and Dan Huling went with pacemaker Shyan Vaziri, but there was a lull at the beginning of the third lap after Vaziri dropped out that doomed any hope of Herrera or anyone else sniffing 3:37 or even 3:38.

Kidder made a late run to win the race in 3:39.39, with Washington alum Izaic Yorks of the Brooks Beasts second in 3:39.75.  

Four-time US world championships team member Dan Huling of the Bowerman TC was third in 3:39.84, with Garrett Heath of the Beasts fourth in 3:40.49.  Herrera, who went into this race with a personal best of 3:39.66, was fifth in 3:44.55.

In the other high performance race of the evening, Hannah Fields (left/photo by Paul Merca) of the Brooks Beasts took a good shot at breaking 2 minutes, winning the race in 2:00.97, after being towed through the first 400 by pacesetter Anna Connor of the Portland based High Performance West.

Seattle Pacific alum McKayla Fricker was second in 2:03.97, with 2017 world championship team member Sara Vaughn third in 2:04.27.  Washington alum Baylee Mires of the Beasts was fourth in 2:05.42, with teammate and Stanford alum Claudia Saunders fifth in 2:06.37.

A PDF copy of the results is available below.

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