Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1.19.12--What is it?

In keeping with the news on the athletic footwear front, Nike has been teasing the public about a huge launch scheduled for 1.19.12 (why, that's Thursday!).

The tease includes two videos on YouTube, including the one below, along with notable athletes, including Paula Radcliffe and Portland resident & world 5000-meter champion Mo Farah tweeting over the last few weeks with the hashtag (#) and the phrase #makeitcount.

What is it?

Speculation has run rampant from a new shoe that was introduced before Christmas and given away on Jimmy Fallon's show, a revamp of the popular Nike+ system for running to track other sports activities, such as soccer, and basketball, much like adidas' miCoach system; and a collaboration with Apple on technical apparel that uses elements of the Nike+ system.

When an athlete like 2011 world champion Carmelita Jeter starts Tweeting about flying to New York for the launch, and noted social media expert Amy Jo Martin posts a photo of a cryptic note, it's gotta be huge!

Stay tuned!

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