Thursday, September 4, 2008

CATCHING UP WITH: Anson Henry recently caught up with Canada's Anson Henry (left/file photo by Paul Merca) in Vancouver on August 31st, as the former Pac-10 sprint champion from Washington State University was on hand to lend support to several thousand runners participating in the Nike+ Human Race 10k, along with notable Canadian athletes Perdita Felicien, Gary Reed, and Simon Whitfield.

Henry advanced as far as the second round in the men's 100 meter dash at the Beijing Olympics, and also ran the second leg on Canada's 4 x 100 meter relay team that finished sixth in the finals.

The Beijing Olympics were Anson's final meet of the season. He's currently taking some well-deserved time off before starting to train again for the 2009 season. Talk about the Olympic experience and your assessment of how it went for you

ANSON HENRY: Well, I have to be honest, in the beginning, I was very upset about how everything went. After just missing the final in the 100m last year in Osaka, I had set some pretty big goals for myself. I didn't feel like I was prepared well enough this season, perhaps due to nagging injuries.

But after really looking back and assessing everything, I have to be grateful with even having the opportunity to be there, and to experience everything in Beijing, and opportunity in which many people weren't lucky enough to have. After the 100m, you had some time to ponder, and get ready for the 4 x 100 meter relay. Give us your assessment of the sprint relay, given the "carnage" that happened in the semis.

ANSON HENRY: As far as the relay, we ran a season best with some garbage, and I mean garbage exchanges. We definitely shoulda and coulda, and needed to be cleaner with the baton. But that's the relays. That's how it goes. The guys are just gonna take every piece of knowledge from the experience of an Olympic final, and just use it to help with future performances.

I am done for the season. Got some injuries to get sorted out, and am probably gonna make some moves and changes as far as my training situation. Can you elaborate on your training situation?

ANSON HENRY: I've been training in Stockton, California with Dan Pfaff, who's been working with a bunch of great people, like Brad Walker, Carly Dockendorf, Amy Acuff, etc. The biggest challenge with Dan's group--and don't get me wrong, because Dan's a great coach--is that I didn't have enough sprinter types to train with.

After my break's over, I'm moving to Texas to train with a group of sprinters that include Darvis "Doc" Patton, and a Canadian sprinter, Jared Connaughton, who was in the 200m and ran on the 4 x 100 relay with me.

This group trains on the same track as Tyson Gay's training group, with their coach Jon Drummond.

All in all, I am looking forward to getting back on track for the upcoming world championships in Berlin.

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