Saturday, July 12, 2008

A possible summer circuit for next year in the Northwest?

The Oregonian reported last Monday of a proposal by Vin Lananna of the University of Oregon to put together a meet or a series of meets for 2009 and beyond.

Vin Lananna, University of Oregon's director of track and field, said he is working on bringing a national-caliber meet back to Hayward on July 27, presumably as a sendoff for athletes from Eugene heading to Beijing.

The Oregon Track Club's Nick Symmonds, the winner of the men's 800 at the Trials, would presumably be involved in the July 27th meet, as will Oregon's Andrew Wheating, and the OTC's Christian Smith. Symmonds announced earlier in the week that he was not running in Europe, opting to stay at home to train for the Olympics.

"It won't be a great, big monstrosity, but we'll have a couple events," Lananna said. "We'll try it out. But when we do it (in 2009), we're going to blow it out."

Lananna said he envisions an annual summer circuit of three West Coast meets starting next year. His preferred rotation: Eugene-Portland-Eugene. Lewis & Clark College or Lincoln High School are possible venues for the Portland meet, Lananna said.

Bill Roe, USA Track & Field's president and acting chief executive, said he supported the summer circuit concept.

"If Vin's interest was to have one here, we would definitely put one here," Roe said of Hayward. "I don't see it as being any detriment to having nationals here. I see it as more opportunities we have to put our athletes in front of these fans. Obviously, our athletes respond in front of these fans."

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